The Matthew A. Henson Community Association/Matthew Henson Community Development Corporation proudly proclaims 65 Adopt/Care-A-Lots in seven {7} distinct areas in the Easterwood Area of West Baltimore. 
Easterwood/Sandtown Park and Playground, created on April 15, 2017, comprised of 21 lots, leads the nationally acclaimed listing..  Consisting of 1515-1557  N. McKean Avenue,  
Across the street is 1518-1556 N. McKean,  Around the corner is a lot at 1801-1805 W. Baker Street.  
A much desired and needed location for a food market, in back of 1518-1556 is 1511=1521 N. MONROE Street.  MAHNA IS IN A FOOD DESERT/APARTHEID and the census excludes this area from being in the Opportunity Zone.  8 liquor stores, but no food market.
In between George Washington Carver Vocational and Technical Senior High School and Matthew A. Henson Elementary School is yet another lot at 1500-1504 N. Payson Street.  
The newest of lots is 1704-1718 N. McKean Avenue.  Between the 1800 Presbury and 1700 McKean are an excellent area for development of a community action center, senior center, and/or mental health clinic.\\Finally, but assuredly not at least, is 1820-1824 N. Pulaski Street. 
We are elated to have sub-contracted the  cutting of grass and cleaning of these 65 lots to Division Street Landscaping.