♿ Commitment March Accessibility Information

♿ Commitment March Accessibility Information

 ♿ Commitment March Accessibility Information

ADA Shuttle Services

Each mobility shuttle will have a placard identifying it as an “ADA Shuttle.” Shuttles will take persons with disabilities to and from: Lincoln MemorialRFK StadiumUnion StationFoggy Bottom, and Potomac Avenue Station. If you are NOT coming in on a bus, and riding WMATA (Metro) please go to Foggy Bottom Metro Stop on the ORANGE BLUE or SILVER lines. You will then be directed to the Shuttle Bus that will bring you to the Lincoln Memorial

All shuttles will adhere to include social distancing guidelines from DC. Department of Health. You will have to get your temperature checked before you gain access to the Shuttles. 

Shuttles will begin service at each stop at 6:00 AM. They will continue on 30-40 minute increments for stops due to traffic flow. The last pick up for each location will be 10:30 AM bringing attendees to the Lincoln Memorial. Shuttle Services will pick back up at 1 PM taking participants back to Foggy Bottom and their Buses. Buses for departure will be at both Henry Bacon Drive for those who DO NOT march and at West Potomac Park for those who do march. At 4:30 PM the last shuttle will depart the Lincoln Memorial and West Potomac Park taking participants back to their Buses and to Foggy Bottom.  



Even though you registered, due toCOVID-19, we have VERY LIMITED SEATING, all seats at the Lincoln Memorial, are on a first come first serve basis. If you are unable to stand for a long period of time, can't walk long distances, need individual personal assistance, we highly encourage you to view our broadcasted live stream on our website at www.nationalactionnetwork. net



If you have your own wheelchair and/or scooter you are welcome to attend. However, we will NOT be providing wheelchairs and/or scooters for attendees. Again, seating is limited and attendees are NOT allowed to bring in folding chairs to the event.


March Entry 

Disabled will enter at Henry Bacon Drive and Constitution Avenue. Participants will be directed up the corridor, to begin the process for admittance. To participate, each person must receive a NAN branded blue wristband and a ticket. To receive a wristband and ticket, each person must have their temperature checked, must have on or receive a face mask, gloves (optional), and hand sanitizer from our volunteers, lined up along Henry Bacon Drive. 

If you are blind, physically unable to March on your own for long lengths of time, we are strongly suggesting that you don't join the march after programing for your safety. Once the line starts moving, we don't want you to be injured. 




We are mandating that all march participants MUST wear a face-mask to participate and adopt safe social distancing practices.  

To adhere to Parks and Recreational Facilities recommendations from DC. Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and demonstrate responsibly, we are prohibiting participants from the list of high-risk that is updated every two weeks on the city health website.  

Following the Mayor's guidance in response to hot spot states, which can be found here. We highly encourage registrants who reside in those areas to stay home and join our live stream at www.nationalactionnetwork. net or join a satellite rally closest to you. For more information regarding satellite rallies, please dial 877-626-4651. 

If you are unable to attend due to any of the reasons above please join our live stream at www.nationalactionnetwork. net.  


Traveling Buses

To participate, each person traveling on the bus will have their temperatures checked before boarding each bus. We are mandating that each participant wears a face-mask or they will not be allowed to board. Bus coordinators will supply hand sanitizer on each bus traveling to the Commitment March. Prior to departure and arrival, bus coordinators will review the social distancing practices of the march site.  


National Action Network encourages participants to:  

  1. Wear a mask, if you do not have a face-mask, one will be provided on-site.  
  2. Maintain and practice safe social distancing. (6ft)  
  3. Bring water. if you do not have water, it will be provided on-site.  

Share your experience by tagging us and using the official hashtag below. 

Official March Hashtag: #MOW2020 

Twitter: @nationalaction 
Facebook: @ nationalactionnetwork 
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