Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock – Georgia Sen Support for Election.

 Equitable Emergency Covid-19 Relief Distribution.

Obama Affordable Health Care Enhancement for Senior and Poor Citizens.

Police Reform/Oversight Nationwide.

3 African American Cabinet Appointments, out of 23, at least, - Staci Abrams; Rep. Karen Bass-HUD; Raphael Bostic-Treasury; Keisha Lance Bottoms HUD; Alvin Brown; Latasha Brown-Education; Rep. Valden Venita Dennings-Homeland Security; Roger Ferguson. Jr. Treasury; Rep. Marcia Fudge-agriculture; Mellody Hobson-Commerce and Treasury; Jeh Johnson-Defense, A.G., Intelligence; Maurice Jones-HUD; David Patrick A.G.; Susan Rice Secretary of State; Symmone Sanders-Press Secretary; Bill Spriggs-Labor; Heather McTeer Toney-EPA; Tony West-A.G.

John Lewis Voting Rights Act Passage.

Passage of George Floyd Act.

Increase to 11 United States Supreme Court Justices.

Investigation of Discrimination in The United States Military.

Systemized Hate Crime Reporting and Investigation by Justice Department.

Conyers Bill – Reparations Continued Commission.

Addressing Student Debt.

Appointment of Duly Qualified, Deserved and Electable Blacks to Replace Sen. Harris.

All guns confiscated by police be publicly destroyed and accounted for and tracked until destruction – ‘Bill Goodin Bill.’

Cardin/Van Hollen/Mfume –MD L.B.C. 

MD Food Apartheid/Deserts Commission.

MD HBCU Lawsuit Settlement.

MD Opportunity Zones for Neglected Communities.

MD Bonding Bill of Law Enforcement for Baltimore City Police Officers.

Appointment of More High Ranking Black Armed Service Ranking Officers.

Statewide inclusion of a CIVICS and African American History in elementary, middle, and high schools.

Mental Health or Criminal Incarceration determination made especially related to drug and/or lead poisoning upon arrest.

City/Scott-Mosby-Henry- Baltimore City Council

Baltimore Food Apartheid/Deserts – 25% Absence by City residents addressed.

Baltimore [Maryland] HBCU Settlement.

Baltimore Opportunity Zones Designation in conjunction with Census where absence.

 22nd Century Schools New List of Schools Previously Neglected/Omitted.

Gilmor Site for Job Training/Rehabilitation Center- Housing and Infrastructure.

Baltimore City Council Appointed Director Civil Rights and Civilian Review Board.

NW/W/SW Mental Health Clinic – Areas Negatively Affected by Crime and Homicides.

Challenge to Baltimore Development Corporation/Economic Development and Questionable 30 [1991] Years of Questionable Development in Poor and Black and Brown Communities.

Baltimore City Bonding of Baltimore City Police.

Increased Testing of Covid-19 in Neglected Areas Especially Poor, Black and Brown.

Correcting City of Baltimore transferring Hanlon Affluent Area contaminated soil to poorer Rosemont Area.

Significant reduction of liquor establishments in poorer and black residential communities.

Significant reduction of drug rehabilitation services being congregated in certain poorer and black neighborhoods.