Emergency Food Distribution March 17,2020 at Easterwood/Sandtown Park & Playground

Emergency Food Distribution March 17,2020 at Easterwood/Sandtown Park & Playground
















Good afternoon friends,
I hope each of you are healthy as well as your families.
A lot has happened in Maryland and in the world since Friday.
To start this week our kitchen team arrived for work at 4am.
The team of staff and volunteers made just under 1,000 “To Go” Lunches which means:
Handmade sandwich (Ham and Cheese or PBJ)
2 small snacks
Orange or banana
Bottle water
All lunches were served outside our building. Only a couple people were allowed in to go bathroom.
Social Workers met with some clients outside and 6 ft apart, the social work team also held meetings on the phone. We are the mailing address for 400+ individuals/families. We did give out mail but we took the mail to our clients outside.

We also gave 200 lunches to Matthew Henson Neighborhood association. Their school was left off the list for getting food. If we didn’t help Pre-K through 5th students would had to have walk just about a mile and across two large avenues to get lunch.

Today (March 17, 2020) we served lunch and will serve dinner outside and as “to Go”. As a special treat in honor of St. Patrick's Day, our Chef, Steven Allbright, made Corned Beef and Cabbage with Mashed Potatoes
We are also bringing in 3 mobile rest rooms and hand sanitizer stations today.
We think by Wednesday there will be a real need for emergency pantry items. We have already started planning for that.
How you can help us? To be honest please help us fund-raise. We are very active on social media because we think the community should see the good work being done. This will also show the donors how their money is being spent. 

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Thank you all for being our friends and partners.
If you like a more detailed update please just let me know.

God bless,
Jeff Griffin

Franciscan Center of Baltimore
101 W. 23 Street Baltimore, MD 2121

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