Giving True Meaning to the Words "Skatepark Champion"

Giving True Meaning to the Words "Skatepark Champion"

Hi Dr. Cheatham,

So wonderful to hear back from you, I’m glad your spirits are high and your interest hasn’t diminished. Like you, we were all looking forward to seeing skateboarding finally make its debut in the Olympics this year but know its what’s best given the health and safety of everyone involved. That said, it gives us another year to really ramp up and, as you said, enhance involvement.

You may have already heard but just in case, I’m attaching a study on skateboarding culture that USC conducted in partnership with THF (attached). We are delighted with the overwhelmingly positive discoveries even though for those of us already immersed in the culture, the findings weren’t all that surprising. That said, the results are incredibly validating as we continue to pursue our mission of seeing more quality public skateparks built in the communities that need them the most.

Neftalie Williams, an Adjunct Professor at USC, was an integral piece of the study and maybe someone you could try to connect with to discuss skateboarding, specifically in communities of color. Tell him you are a THF Skatepark Champion, I’m sure he would be more than excited to chat with you to discuss ways to enhance involvement and participation in urban areas.

And, of course, I’m always around if you’d like to chat, as well. Thanks again for your continued support and for your unwavering commitment to skateboarding and the work we’re doing here at the Foundation.

All our best,

Angela Rhodehamel
Tony Hawk Foundation
Office # 760-477-2479