Happy Earth Day 2020!

Happy Earth Day 2020!
I hope this email finds you well. Navigating ways to celebrate, commemorate and preserve our Earth during these unprecedented times may seem a little challenging.
We have become so accustomed to organizing volunteer days, block cleanup blitzes, garden days etc. that figuring how to BMORE Beautiful might require some creative thinking.
Today, is an opportunity to continue to do the beautiful things many of you are doing to support you neighbors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether that means:
1. Upcycling and creating masks for family, friends and neighbors to wear while out in public.
2. Going grocery shopping for our seniors and other vulnerability populations.
3. Picking up trash and litter on your block (Just remember social distancing rules)
4. Volunteering with food distribution
5. Hosting virtual community planning sessions
6. Starting a container garden
7. Sharing information about proper hand washing
8. Sending thank you letters to first responders (hospitals, grocery clerks, delivery personnel, solid waste worker, fire, police)
9. Stream an eco-documentary on Discovery Channel, Netflix, Disney+ , Hulu
10. Donate to a local environmental organization
11. Begin recycling. Start simple with a Paper, Plastic and Cardboard.
12. Explore BCRP Virtual Recreation Center at: https://bcrp.baltimorecity.gov/virtual-rec