NFL 100 All-Time Team running backs revealed

He's the only player in the NFL in the 40-40 club: 48 touchdowns receiving, 63 touchdowns rushing.

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Lenny Moore Statue One Step Closer


By  Sean Yoes -

By Sean Yoes, AFRO Baltimore Editor, syoes@afro.com

GOAT (Greatest Of All-Time) lists are inherently debatable, but the argument regarding the greatest NFL running backs of all-time is less controversial. The consensus of most is Jim Brown was the greatest fullback of all-time, while Gale Sayers was the greatest halfback in the league’s history.

But, the most heated debates of long-time NFL fans usually erupt when people consider the next man after Brown and Sayers.

Lenny Moore, the electrifying Baltimore Colts halfback and flanker, seen here against the Los Angeles Rams at old Memorial Stadium, is ranked 94th on the NFL’s all-time 100 greatest players list. Known as the “Redding Rocket,” Moore is the only player in NFL history to have at least 40 receiving touchdowns and 40 rushing touchdowns. (Courtesy Photo)

But, many old school Baltimore football fans point to the man known as “Spats,” the legendary Lenny Moore. And the NFL Hall-of-Famer is one step closer to a statue in his honor.

According to Marvin “Doc” Cheatham, former president of the Baltimore branch of the NAACP, who has spearheaded the effort to have a statue erected honoring Moore, the Arts Council of Baltimore recently gave a nod of support to honor the man who was known by all as a hall of famer on and off the field.

“Great results from our presentation this morning before the Arts Council,” wrote Cheatham in an email. The commission’s vote of support not only validates our project, but also should inject energy into our efforts.”

The Lenny Moore Statue Committee, chaired by former Baltimore City Councilman Carl Stokes, will hold a private planning meeting on Nov. 25, to discuss next steps in what has been a lengthy, but very worthwhile process to honor the great Moore.

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Statement by Dan Rodricks on Lenny Moore

Nobody asked me, but it would be a great thing if the much-discussed, long-delayed Lenny Moore statue could become a reality in the coming year. Seeing Moore, the Baltimore Colts running back and NFL Hall of Famer, during halftime of the Ravens-Patriots game, reminded me of the cause and the need for funds to make it happen. I first floated the idea in this column eight years ago. Doc Cheatham, long-time civic activist, leads the group that has been pushing for a bronze tribute to Moore, who turns 86 later this month. “We’re in the preliminary stages of site selection,” Cheatham says, “and we’ll make a presentation to the Baltimore Public Art Commission next week.”

Lenny Moore statue moves closer to finding a home

Foundation raising funds for Lenny Moore statue

Plans for Statue to Honor Lenny Moore

Statue for Colts great Lenny Moore in the works


Published: Nov. 26, 2013 at 02:33 p.m.
Updated: Nov. 27, 2013 at 01:30 p.m. 

Tuesday's health and safety news from the world of football:
* The Baltimore Sun wrote about local efforts to raise money in order to build a statue in honor of Baltimore Colts Hall of Fame running back Lenny Moore.

A $750,000 fund-raising drive in conjunction with the Ed Block Courage Award Foundation was announced Monday to create a statue to honor Moore.

"We know without a doubt that Lenny not only has excelled in the area of football," said Marvin "Doc" Cheatham, the founder of the Lenny Moore Statue and Wax Figurine Committee, "but has also significantly contributed to many, many organizations."

Committee members said they hope to place the statue near the Johnny Unitas statue outside M&T Bank Stadium. They also plan to create a wax likeness, which would be housed at the National Great Blacks in Wax Museum on North Avenue.

Could Lenny Moore be by Unitas’s Side Once Again

Street Talk

Brian Bower @SportGuyRSR
Posted November 26, 2013 in Street Talk 

Russell Street Report Street Talk Could Lenny Moore be by Unitas’s Side Once Again?

The Johnny Unitas statue outside of M&T Bank Stadium could soon have some company, with your help.

On Monday The Ed Block Courage Foundation announced a fundraising effort to raise $750,000 to create a statue in honor of Baltimore Colt Lenny Moore.

“There is no doubt in our mind that this had to be done and we wanted to be part of it,” commented Will Pateris, director of operations for the Ed Block Courage Award Foundation. “Not only was Lenny a past president of the foundation, but he was also one of our biggest supporters.

The committee is also planning to create a wax likeness of Moore which would be on display at the National Great Blacks in Wax Museum on North Avenue in Baltimore.

“You know what, I had made mention awhile back, that I want to be right on his hip. I made that statement. Where Johnny U. is, I want want to be right on his hip, somewhere around him,” Moore told the Baltimore Sun. “Well that would be right where I should be he also added about the statue being near Unitas’s.

Moore has been an active member of the Baltimore community since his playing days. His warm smile and hearty handshake restore a sense of what Baltimore means to him. He has given countless hours to many foundations and fundraising initiatives.

Donations can be made by visiting http://www.edblock.org/


Group Wants A Lenny Moore Statue Outside M&T Bank Stadium

November 25, 2013 at 3:52 pm

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Former Baltimore Colt Lenny Moore is known for being much more than an NFL Hall of Famer.

Jessica Kartalija reports there’s a renewed effort to memorialize Moore, who has made his mark on the Baltimore community as well.

A statue of Johnny Unitas stands proudly at M&T Bank Stadium, but for years football fans have said someone is missing: NFL Hall of Famer and former Colt Lenny Moore.

“We’d love to put that statue there so it looks like Lenny is throwing it to Spats,” said Marvin “Doc” Cheatham.

Cheatham is co-chairing a fundraising drive to raise money for a bronze statue of Moore, designed by Frederick Kail, who also designed the Johnny Unitas sculpture.

“Unitas said to [Kail], `Don’t let me be down there by myself. Don’t let that statue of me be by myself. Put those guys who helped me get there,'” Cheatham said.

Just last month, a street was named after him. Now, on his 80th birthday, there’s a renewed push to raise money to build the statue and to create a wax figurine of Moore.

“The sweetest, kindest, best man,” said Councilman Carl Stokes.

For years, Moore was a big part of the Ed Block Courage Foundation. Now, they’re helping to fund the project.

Moore played for Penn State and came to the Colts in 1956, when he was named Rookie of the Year.

Former teammate Stan White says a statue of Moore is a must.

“Johnny Unitas and Lenny Moore–when you think of the Colts, you think of those two guys. You see Johnny’s statue outside M&T Bank Stadium and hopefully you’ll see Lenny’s out there, too,” he said.

Moore was recently highlighted in this year’s class for the Maryland State Athletic Hall of Fame.

The group hopes to raise more than $750,000 for the project.