Men's Health Forum eBulletin: Men & Alcohol campaign 2021

Men's Health Forum eBulletin: Men & Alcohol campaign 2021


Men died from alcohol-related conditions at a higher rate in 2020 than any year since records began in 2001. Men also remain twice as likely to die than women as a result of their alcohol use.

We are calling for the Chancellor to raise alcohol duty by 2% to save lives on 3 March.
We along with the Alcohol Health Alliance UK have written a letter to set out the strong evidence that increasing alcohol duty reduces harm and also reduces alcohol-related costs to the NHS and public services.
This isn't all we need - Minimum Unit Pricing is a big priority - but it's something that the Chancellor can change in a UK-wide budget.


Ahead of the March Budget, we are asking you to follow this link to write to your local MP to ask them to write to and lobby the Chancellor to raise alcohol duty.
Please mention, if you can, the tragic total of the 3,639 men dying between January and September 2020.
If you receive a response from your local MP, please share that response with us so we make further contact with them by emailing: [email protected]


Giving men the information they need is a top priority for us - with our Serious Drinking Man Manual, Toolbox Talk and Video, and web FAQ.


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