Racism has no place in Maryland

Racism has no place in Maryland


Today Progressive Maryland called for Harford County Delegate Mary Ann Lisanti to resign following both the allegation of racist speech and her tone deaf statements after the revelation of the original incident. Lisanti has lost her ability to credibly represent the people of her district and make policy for all Marylanders. Anyone who disrespects African Americans -- as Mary Ann Lisanti clearly does -- has no business serving in the Maryland General Assembly. Sign our petition calling on Lisanti to resign or be expelled from the legislature.

Issues pending before the Maryland General Assembly have serious implications for people of color. The $15 minimum wage bill that will be voted on by the House of Delegates has been amended with weakening policies that disproportionately affect workers of color. Exempting tipped and agricultural workers from full wages is a relic of slavery, and has no place in Maryland's economy. Based on her comments, Lisanti shouldn’t vote on these measures. We’ll be delivering petition signatures on Monday night during the Progressive Maryland lobby night.

Racism is perpetuated in a million ways, overt and covert, including racist speech and racist action. Just like racist speech, inequitable policies like the amendments to the minimum wage bill need to addressed. This is an opportunity to do more than pay lip service by merely condemning racist remarks and calling for the removal of hate-speaking lawmakers. We’re calling on lawmakers to do more to move the needle on state-sanctioned inequality. The Maryland General Assembly, and its leadership in particular, must reject lawmaking that systemically and routinely provides black and brown people with the short end of the stick. We must and can do better here in Maryland. Click here to sign the petition demanding Del. Lisanti's resignation or expulsion from the General Assembly..

In solidarity,

Larry Stafford
Executive Director, Progressive Maryland