Week 5 of the 2019 MGA Legislative Session

Week 5 of the 2019 MGA Legislative Session


Greetings Friends & Neighbors,

Firstly, I would like to thank all of you who joined us in Annapolis for Baltimore Day this past Monday. It was an amazing turn out and such an honor seeing so many of you as we celebrated our city’s resilience, vibrance and bright future ahead of us. It was a great way to start the 5th week of the 439th Legislative Session, as I was given the extra energy and inspiration to get right back to work on our communities priorities.

I had the privilege to introduce several new pieces of legislation since writing to you last week. We are focusing on BCCC spending by streamlining its procurement process, attacking the illegal sales of “loose cigarettes”, addressing transparency , granting the Baltimore City Inspector General certain authority over BPD and BPCS and other numerous pieces of legislation that are found directly on the MGA website. (link below)

Furthermore, I always enjoy visitors and guests in my office and this week we had the pleasure to welcome a special visit from the brilliant students of St. Francis Neighborhood Center. I was filled with joy and nostalgia while I listened to their intelligent questions, comments, aspirations and concerns regarding education and community concerns. Their passion and curiosity reminded me of myself when I was their age, discovering my purpose and developing my work ethic.

I greatly appreciate your support and will continue to work diligently for our district everyday--it is an honor to serve you. I hope you have enjoyed our weekly updates and to those who are receiving our weekly newsletter for the first time, Welcome!

Senator Antonio Hayes



Happy Black History Month!
Please enjoy our weekly quote:

“Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.”
—Dr. Mae Jemison, first African-American female astronaut


My New Bills!

Every bill that becomes a law starts with a drop in the “hopper.” This week I sponsored several additional pieces of legislation, bringing the total to 24 bills so far, not including our Legislative Bond Initiatives. The bills were "dropped" and have started their legislative journey!


Senate Bills 253 & 254 are legislation relating to the procurement authority and the Major Information Technology Development Project Fund for Baltimore City Community College.Senate Bill 310 is legislation to attack the illegal sale of “loose cigarettes” in Baltimore City and to grant the Baltimore City Health Department the right to enforce the law and regulate the city’s sales.
Senate Bill 499 is legislation that will require the Baltimore Police Department to periodically report certain employment practices such as staffing of the Baltimore Police Department and striking a healthy balance of sworn vs civilian employees
Senate Bill 792 is legislation that is directly related to the CIAA’s conference in Baltimore, authorizing the Baltimore City Board of License Commissioners to issue a related event promoter's permit that promotes a social event around the same time and location as the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association Basketball Tournament; requiring an applicant to take certain actions before being granted the related event promoter's permit.
Senate Bill 818 is legislation that provides the Baltimore City Office of the Inspector General to have certain authority over the Police Department of Baltimore City and Baltimore City Public Schools.


Sandtown Safe Streets Team of Catholic Charities of Baltimore:




Safe Streets is an evidence-based violence prevention and interruption program that works to reduce shootings and homicides in high violence areas, operated by Catholic Charities in collaboration with the Baltimore City Department of Health. It was an honor recognizing their great work and positive efforts to my Senate colleagues during Monday's session.


Thank you to everyone who joined us at Baltimore Day in Annapolis!





I would like to thank all of you who joined us in Annapolis for Baltimore Day on Monday. It was an amazing turn out and such a pleasure meeting so many of you as we celebrated the bright future we have ahead of us!


St. Francis Neighborhood Center





Special thanks to the outstanding students and leaders at St. Francis Neighborhood Center in Baltimore for visiting my office and filling it with laughter & enthusiasm.
St. Francis Neighborhood Center is the oldest neighborhood center providing enrichment in all of Baltimore City! Their mission is committed to ending generational poverty through education, inspiring self-esteem, self-improvement, and strengthening connections to the community. Also, their presence has served as a resource and catalyst for improving the lives of those in Reservoir Hill and making Baltimore a better place since 1963. It was a pleasure meeting this special group of kids and listening to their bright questions & honest concerns about our community.


Legislative Black Caucus Meets With Governor Hogan




Each year the Maryland Legislative Black Caucus meets with the Governor to discuss our legislative priorities. This year, among the priorities we discussed the state's role as it relates to public safety in our communities. I invited Gov. Hogan and other legislative leaders in attendance to consider the systemic issues that are at the root of crime and violence.


Baltimore City State Senate Delegation Highlights:



To watch this week's meeting, click below:

Baltimore City State Senate Delegation Meeting - Feb.7th

During this Legislative Session, the Baltimore City State Senate Delegation will be meeting every Thursday in Annapolis. This week the delegation invited Dr. Seema D. Iyer, Director of Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance to present the Vital Signs Report. In addition, Tyrone Roper and Dedra Layne of Safe Streets were joined by Kenya Asli of the Grant and Contract Administration to discuss the 3.6 million that we've granted them for the fiscal year. We also had a bill hearing for two pieces of legislation that I am sponsoring that will help support Baltimore City Community College (SB253 & SB254) which were both passed as favorable.


What's New In Annapolis?

911 service and cell towers on agenda for Maryland’s counties and towns


As Maryland’s 911 service system has remained the same for the past 40 years, Maryland Association of Counties (MACo) is pushing to make improvements by adding text, video, data, and image features to 911 call centers. With the world's rapid advancement in technology, this development would make for a more effective and innovative system.


Gun control advocates push to ban build-your-own guns, expand background checks on private sales

“Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America” are advocating for even stricter gun laws in Maryland. Although Maryland enforces some of the strictest gun laws in America, members of this movement believe that the implementation of banning gun assembly kits, 3D printed guns, and the requirement of background checks when guns and rifles are being purchased from private business will allow Maryland to continue as leaders in gun control policies.


Johns Hopkins police force bill contains funding for youth programs, requires oversight from two boards

The bill — called the Community Safety and Strengthening Act — contains provisions that include requiring the state to provide $3.5 million for the city’s Children and Youth Fund and $1 million toward Mayor Catherine Pugh’s Youth Works summer jobs program. It also calls for the Hopkins police force to establish at least one Police Athletic League center in Baltimore to offer activities for youth.

Back in Baltimore

Black Engineers convention will return to Baltimore after 14 years

After a 14-year hiatus, Baltimore will be hosting the black engineers convention is 2024 and 2025. The convention is a wonderful opportunity for student, professionals, and interested parties to network, gather and explore the endless possibilities of this field. The seminar will host a career day and per-professional seminar, as well as an exploration of careers in STEM.

UMMC, fire department look to eliminate unnecessary ER visits with mobile care pilot in West Baltimore

In an attempt to increase health care services, decrease unnecessary hospital visits , and save money, The University of Maryland Medical Center(UMMC) and Baltimore City’s Fire Department have piloted a new program. The agencies use specially trained nurses, paramedics, and EMS to assess whether the patient needs emergency assistance or if their needs can be treated on-site. If the patient decides to accept the treatment, the service is free. In addition, the program offers aid to patients who were recently released from the hospital with a 30 day at home care plan where a medical team will educate and assist them with their transition.





Youth can become a legislator for a day! Youth will learn about the power of advocacy and civic engagement.




Feb. 14th, 8:15am - 2pm
Maryland Arts Day is the largest annual gathering of arts professionals in Maryland. With more than 500 participants, representing every county in the state and Baltimore City, this statewide arts advocacy event connects artists, educators, administrators, volunteers and trustees with lawmakers from every legislative district in Maryland. Maryland Arts Day needs your participation to show strong support for the arts in Maryland and the impact they have on the economic and cultural vitality of the state.

for more information, please visit: https://mdarts.org/events/maryland-arts-day/