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Primary elections were NOT supposed to look like this. Long lines, wrong ballots, missing or broken machines, and closed polling places – all while voters demonstrated their determination to exercise their right to vote in the middle of a global pandemic. But the truth is that COVID-19, and a lack of planning and funding, has wreaked havoc on our primary elections this year.  

In the last two weeks, we’ve seen voters in D.C., Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, Wisconsin, and other states waiting in line up to FIVE hours to cast their ballot because of limited in-person voting opportunities, as well as voting equipment that didn’t show up on time or wasn’t functioning. Last week, many voters in Maryland received the wrong absentee ballot, forcing them to vote in person at limited polling locations.  

Despite a push for absentee voting this year, it is clear that voters want to cast their ballots in person and need that option. But there simply are not enough election workers or polling places due to the pandemic and last-minute closures. 

This is unacceptable.  

And we don’t have much time to correct these problems before November. 

That’s why the League launched the COVID Fund, to ensure voters are protected and can safely make their voices heard this November. Every dollar you contribute will help us: 

  • Ensure voters have the right information through our award-winning election website, VOTE411.org, that has already served more than 1.5 million users this year 
  • Support our plans to recruit and train poll workers and election observers so that we learn from these primary elections and have the right resources in place come November 
  • Reach millions of voters through our election mailings and phone banking to help them navigate in-person and vote-by-mail opportunities 
  • Work with election officials on planning for the fall elections, including public education and combatting misinformation 
  • Activate our network of community-based leaders to mobilize millions of voters 

Marvin, we can’t do it without you. If you have been frustrated by these primary elections during COVID, please support our fund.   

Thank you for your support in making sure voters are prepared for elections this fall. 

Jeanette Senecal

Jeanette Senecal
Senior Director of Mission Impact